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Cre8tion Gel Base Coat

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Product description

Cre8tion Gel Base Coat is a specialized nail product used in the application of gel nail polish. It serves as a foundation layer that adheres to the natural nail surface, providing a smooth and even surface for the gel polish to bond to. The base coat helps extend the lifespan of the gel manicure, preventing chipping, peeling, and lifting of the gel polish. It also enhances the color vibrancy and ensures better adhesion of subsequent layers. Cre8tion Gel Base Coat is designed to provide a strong bond while also protecting the natural nails from potential damage caused by gel polish. It is an essential component of a gel manicure system and contributes to achieving a long-lasting and professional-looking result.

Sizes: 0.5oz or 16oz

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Cre8tion Gel Base Coat


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