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Gelish Foundation Flex 15ml - Light Nude

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Product description

Gelish's Foundation Flex is a versatile base coat that offers exceptional adhesion and flexibility thanks to its rubber base technology. This unique product provides perfecting volume to uneven nails, conceals discolored nails, and even works as a ridge-filling base coat under gel polish.

Foundation Flex is easy to apply with its Gelish bottle and cures to a rubberized finish that gives nails supernatural flexibility, preventing breaks and snaps.

  • Easily soaks-off
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Fortified with Vitamin A
  • Size: 15mL

How to Apply

  1. Nail Prep
  2. Apply a thin layer of Rubber Base - this is called the slip layer
  3. Apply a bead of Rubber Base near the cuticles
  4. Spread the bead upwards to get the cuticle area then start dragging the product downwards going from sidewall to sidewall
  5. Go back in with a liner brush to ensure that the sides & free edge is secured
  6. Flip your hand upside down to allow the Rubber Base to even out - this will help get a clean apex
  7. Flash Cure for 10 seconds & repeat the steps 2-6
  8. Finish off with Top Coat and cure
  9. Apply cuticle oil

Made in the USA

PLEASE NOTE: We strive to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices colors may differ slightly.

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Gelish Foundation Flex 15ml - Light Nude

$17.95 USD
$14.50 USD

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