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Kiara Sky Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes

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Introducing the Kiara Sky Easy Fan Cashmere Lashes, the pinnacle of lash artistry. Exclusively crafted for professionals like you, these lashes champion effortless fanning like never before, making them your premier choice for breathtaking Hybrid and Volume sets.

What makes our Easy Fans unique? Every lash effortlessly fans out with a buttery-smooth feel unlike any other, while our innovative heat-bonded base ensures fans retain their shape, dramatically improving your efficiency and speed.

With a natural semi-matte finish and a diverse curl selection, these lashes are ideal for artists perfecting their fanning technique or those pressing moments when time is limited. With an easy peel-off design, our thin adhesive strip and foil backing ensure a seamless application and pristine workspace every time.
  • Diameter Available: 0.03, 0.05, 0.07

  • Curls Available: C, CC, D
  • Sizes Available: 8MM - 16MM


  • Luxuriously soft Cashmere Lashes
  • Semi-matte for a natural finish
  • Fans like butter
  • True to curl
  • Thin adhesive strip for effortless pick-up
  • Foil backing for easy removal from lash trays
  • 12 rows of top-tier lash excellence
  • Made of the highest quality Korean PBT

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Kiara Sky Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes

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