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Kiara Sky Super Bonder

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Product description

Maximize retention with Kiara Sky's Super Bonder, the ultimate finishing touch for any lash set. Scientifically formulated to instantly polymerize lash adhesive, it prioritizes client comfort by reducing fumes and sensitivity. With added elasticity, it minimizes breakage for superior retention. Your clients can wet their lashes after treatment and enjoy weeks of unbeatable retention. A must-have for every lash kit!

  • Size: 0.5oz / 15mL


  • The key to unbeatable retention!
  • Instantly polymerizes your adhesive without shock curing.
  • Wide Range Humidity that works with you, not against you.
  • Adds elasticity to your glue, more flexibility = less breakage.


How To Use

Step 1- Apply lash extensions to the natural lashes. After lash extension application, use a lash fan to dry the lashes for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2- Apply 1 drop of Super Bonder to a microswab.

Step 3- Apply the microswab with Super Bonder where the natural lashes and the extensions meet. This will cure the glue instantly and create a stronger bond between the natural lash.

Step 4- Use a lash fan to dry the Super Bonder for 3 minutes. Then brush the lashes with a clean spoolie. 

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Kiara Sky Super Bonder

$35.00 USD
$31.50 USD

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