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ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powder - Xpress White

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Product description

ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powder is developed with the latest acrylic technology assuring high quality performance and an ultra fine, bubble free application. It encompasses Cross-Link Technology allowing strength and durability without compromising the self-leveling during application, helping to reduce filing time. Perfectly matched polymer brighteners will eliminate any discoloration between liquid and powder. Polymer brighteners are perfectly matched with ProHesion nail sculpting liquid to enhance the tones of the color select powders. Whites are whiter, clears are clearer. ProHesion also incorporates UV stabilizers that work to eliminate discoloration between applications providing a more color stable product.

Product Benefits:

- Cross Link Technology allows strength and durability for the client while still maintaining the ability to self-level in the application for the technician. This helps reduce filing time.
- ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powders are copolymers, which gives added strength to the nails utilizing methyl methacrylate in the powders.

How To Use:

- Combine with Prohesion Nail Sculpting Liquid for best performance.
- The traditional ratio for application is 2 to 1, however, the chemical composition allows for ratio variance due to temperature variations.
- Be sure to apply acrylic nails to a properly prepared nail plate with Ph Bond and ProBond applied prior to application.


Available in sizes:  0.8oz or 3.7oz

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ProHesion Nail Sculpting Powder - Xpress White

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