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Today's Product Large Barrel Safety Bit



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Great product for the price.

All Bits are 3/32 Shaft Safety Bit, Made to not cut clients

X-Fine Extra Fine Bit Small Barrel with smooth top used to replace manual buffing acrylic nails or dipping powder cutting the cuticles.

Fine Dip Powder Finishing Bit - Excellent for filing down gel polish on top of the natural nails before wrapping or soaking off. File 70% of the gel polish off before soaking or wrapping to speed up the removal process. 

Medium 2-in-1 Finishing Bit - is designed to file down dip powders nails before soaking off.

Coarse Finishing Bit - Great for filing down for thick or long nail dipping powder and glitter dipping before soaking off.

2x, 3x, 4x, & 5xDesigned to file pink & white very rapidly. Titanium bits are made with durable and long lasting and rush resistant.


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