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Voesh Odor Relief Treatment Socks

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Product description

Step confidently with our odor-treating socks. Combat foot odor using our foot mask infused with phytoncide, mint, and cica leaf extracts, ideal for relieving tired feet! Eliminate odor with our Refreshing Odor Treatment Socks, featuring phytoncide for deep cleansing and deodorizing. Soothe your feet post-workout or after a hectic day, and embrace the cooling sensation from our minty blend. Welcome refreshed and minty-scented relief!

  • Fits up to 11” (279mm) foot.
  • Available in Singles or 10pc/Case

Key Ingredients for minty-fresh feet:

  • 3+ MINT BLEND - brings a cooling, tingly sensation for an invigorating experience.
  • PHYTONCIDE - seriously cleansing, deodorizing, and refreshing.
  • CICA LEAF - soothes & moisturizes dry skin.
  • SHEA BUTTER - easily absorbs into skin to leave it soft & hydrated.

    Great for:
    • The end of a long work day.
    • When your feet feel hot or sweaty.
    • After a run, workout or hike.

      How to Use

      Step 1: Carefully remove the socks from the package. Separate left and right socks along the pre-cut line in the center.
      Step 2:
      Put socks on clean, dry feet and affix with attached stickers for a perfect fit.
      Step 3: 
      Wear for 10-15 minutes to deodorize and refresh feet.
      Step 4:
      Remove socks and massage excess lotion into feet to soothe and moisturize.
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      Voesh Odor Relief Treatment Socks

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