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Winning Nails 7" Chamois Buffer

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Product description

The Winning Nails Chamois Buffer is designed to help you get perfectly buffed nails and makes your nails look shiny and healthy! Can be used to file natural nails, false nails, nail extensions, etc. Perfect for at home or salon use. 

  • Blend tips on natural nails
  • Professional grade and high endurance
  • Designed for easy non-slip grip
  • Comfortable and lighter for a pleasant manicure experience


How to Use: 

  1. Remove nail polish from nails
  2. Remove excess cuticles by applying cuticle remover
  3. Remove the cuticle with an orangewood stick or pusher
  4. Apply Chamois Buffer crème and buff the nails
  5. Use soap and water to wash off excess cream
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Winning Nails 7" Chamois Buffer

$7.00 USD
$5.95 USD

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