5 Nail Polish Colors That Take You From Spring to Summer

5 Nail Polish Colors That Take You From Spring to Summer

5 Nail Polish Colors That Take You From Spring to Summer

Nail Company Wholesale Supply is all about staying trendy during seasonal changes. And we want to let you know the best transitional colors this season. Keep reading to learn about the five nail polish colors that take you from spring to summer.

Loud Neon Colors

When you think of summer, neon colors probably cross your mind because they’re popular during the season. And when you’re transitioning from the light colors of spring, jumping into something super bright is intimidating. However, don’t fear the loud neon colors! Vibrant nails are an instant mood booster, and you can enjoy your vibrant set any day! So, if you’re ready to try something bold, consider neon!

Shades of Nude

The traditional spring colors are soft pastel with pops of floral prints. And you don’t have to totally abandon this soft look for summer. You can achieve a sophisticated-yet-light look with neutral tones this season. Different shades of nude can fit into your life (and match several outfits). This color option is great for people interested in cool tones that still want to follow the season’s latest trends. However, if you don’t want classic nudes, you can always go buy OPI gel polish that has shades of light pink to accomplish the “nude” effect.

Light Blues

One of the best things about light blue is that it works for both spring and summer! Although pastel blue is a spring staple, you can easily transition seasons with shades like aqua, celeste, and periwinkle. Light blues are the perfect transition color because it matches the new season—and they’re timeless! You can never go wrong with blue. And if you’re looking for ways to spice up your light blue nails, consider adding floral nail stickers or gems.


Instantly spark the summertime spirit by rocking tangerine nails. Away from its burnt orange and yam-colored counterparts, tangerine is an excellent color to try. It’s bright, trendy, and you can incorporate the color in different nail looks. For example, you can try tangerine tips on a French manicure, or even use the shade for an accent nail!

Mint Green

Are you “mint” to be with mint green? The last nail polish color that takes you from spring to summer is mint green! Typically, people associate green with earthiness and power. And during the spring, jade and sea green shades are in style. By selecting lighter shades, you can seamlessly transition into the summertime. Overall, mint green is a popular and attractive polish shade.


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